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Old Lisbon Restaurants

Old Lisbon Restaurant, Portuguese Cuisine

Chef Carlos Abreu cooking up at Old Lisbon Restaurant. If seafood is your weakness, on Coral Way and 17th Ave. there is a place to meet your expectations.

It couldn’t take long before we started noticing this corner on Coral Way and 17th Ave. With tons of seafood in the menu, easily findable and a staple in Portugues cuisine in Miami, Fashion and Wine had to give them a visit.

By Christian Aporta
Photos by Heysel Laguna and Deena Danielle

On the Photo: Carlos Abreu, Chef at Old Lisbon Restaurant, is plating entrees for Fashion and Wine Photographers.

As always, we go to different restaurants looking for great value, great service, atmosphere, and the ultimate dish. We told them in advance about our visit, so a nice table awaited the Fashion and Wine photographers and writers.

We started with two appetizers: Codfish Croquettes and Sautéed Sardines. First we had the croquettes, and with their distinctive saltiness, these bite-sized delicacies were spectacularly full of flavor, accompanied with a black eyed pea cold salad; that equals to our favorite word: BALANCE! Obviously the salt shows through a little more but, do we need to say why? The price for this appetizer is $9.99, and pleeeaaassseee get them, so worth it!

Our second appetizer then arrives to our nice cozy table: Sautéed Sardines. Oh yeah, if you are the seafood kind of person, this is already sold. Check the photo below, 5 pieces, properly decorated and cooked to perfection. It is a typical item that makes you crave for them, just stay a few weeks without them, and when you head back to Old Lisbon, you’d probably order them for the table.

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