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    Voted Top 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in South Florida by Local10

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    Our Remodeled Coral Way Location

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    The flavor of Portugal first delights your senses!

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    Try one of gourmet experience from our culinary repertoire

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    Coral Way Location

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    Large selection of Wines from all over the world

Welcome to to a Portuguese Gourmet Experience

 The flavor of Portugal first delights your senses with the aroma emanating from the traditional open kitchen surrounded by Old World Decor. 

Old Lisbon Restaurant reflects the legacy of Portugal’s 15th century maritime power with whitewashed walls, framed paintings of ships and hand-painted tiles depicting the Lisbon monastery where seamen leaving or entering port prayed. The menu is heavy on bacalhau, the dried salt cod that was a staple of the Portuguese explorers who founded colonies in Africa, India, Asia and South America. Owner Carlos Silva is from Guimaraes, the first capital of Portugal near Porto. 

Come sample our delicacies, pamper your senses, and when you feel compelled to stop, we tempt you with our extravagant desserts. We help you select your gourmet experience from our culinary repertoire and our extensive wine and Port list. 


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Grand Re-Opening of Coral Way Location
Nov 06 2013
Our newly remodeled Coral Way Location is now open to the public. Visit Us Today 1698 SW 22nd Street (Coral Way)

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